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Filandia Quindío

People in Filandia, Quindio, have a major roll promoting this municipality as one of the best touristic destination in Colombia. Filandia with a strong coffee tradition, amazing colonization architecture and delicious gastronomic options has been nominated several times as the most gorgeous town in Colombia.


Amazing places for everyone

Hotel Casa du Vélo offers information regarding all the different activities that can be done nearby.

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For several decades kniting baskets has been one of the most representative activity in the region. Nowadays this tradition is still valid thanks to more than 25 families that produce and sell the traditional coffee basket.

Casa du Vélo

Butterfly farm

Quindío's region is well known for its ecological diversity and its botanical garden have more than 600 types of flowers. With more than 680 m3 the butterfly farm house more than 30 butterfly species, all found outdoors in an amazing ecological display difficult to find in the world.

Coffee Tours and Colonial Houses

The colonial houses found in all the coffee region are one of the most important and colorful legacies the region has. When going through them it is possible to feel all the history around while drinking a Colombian cup of coffee. Normally these fantastic places are in the middle of huge coffee crops where it is possible to do a coffee tour where our guest can learn about the coffee production process and do coffee tasting.

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Cocora Valley and Salento

Thanks to its location, Cocora Valley has fog forests and a huge diversity in fauna and flora. The wax palm the most important tree in Colombia and the tallest palm in the world, with lengths of more than 60 meters long.


La gastronomía de Filandia sobresale en el Quindío por combinar los productos tradicionales del país con las técnicas y el estilo de la cocina local, con una creciente presencia de restaurantes que han ido posicionándose con extraordinaria comida gourmet. Y, como anticipo de una cena inolvidable, los atardeceres se disfrutan mejor con exquisita repostería y un buen café, como solo Filandia sabe hacerlo.

Birds Sighting

Colombian biodiversity in well known, it has around 20% of the birds in the world. All the natural habitat conditions are ideal for endemic birds and the preferred place for migratory birds that search for heat in the cold winters. It is possible to observe flocks of birds while enjoying the amazing landscape.

Casa du Vélo

Coffee park and Panaca

Located half an hour from Casa Du Vélo Hotel coffee na􀆟onal park offers family orientated activities to enjoy. Panaca Park allow its visitors to interact with the farm animals in their natural habitat.


The Colombian coffee region is ideal for ecological hikes and trekking. Its landscape offers a variety of routes with different levels of difficulty all immersed in one of the most biodiverse zone in the world.

Casa du Vélo

Quimbaya Museum

Located in Armenia, it is one of the most gorgeous museums in Colombia. It is a tribute to the Quimbaya tribe, whom lived here before Columbus, master artisans which created important pieces of art in jewelry and ceramics.